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Lunula Pendant with birds

Custom made

Lunula (Lunitsa) is a female symbol. It symbolizes fertility, happy life and good luck. It connects your female energy with lunar cycle. The cult of the moon was associated with fertility cult. Fertility here refers to a women as Mother earth has always been associated with the woman, and the woman was considered as holy because of giving birth like the earth. Lunula not only helps women, girls in in any matters, but also it is a powerful ward against evil spirits, curses, evil eye, protects health, can increase attractiveness of a woman in the eyes of men. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. Lunula is the pagan symbol of moon and femininity.


Slavic, Viking


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Material: Sterling silver (925)
The choice of stones: Garnet (red), Cubic Zirconia (dark green), Topaz (blue), Chrysolite (green), Amethyst (purple), Carnelian (orange)
Size: 32х38 mm.
Weight silver: about  7 gramms.

The price is only for the pendant. Cord sold separately.
Production technology – casting. Hand made.

This sterling silver pendant made on the basis of a real archaeological find pendants ancient Slavs and Vikings. Ornithomorphic pendant.


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