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Viking Mjolnir Necklace

Custom made

«Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor»
Raven Skane Thor’s Hammer (reproduction). This sterling silver pendant made on the basis of a real Thor hammer found during excavations in 1877 in Skåne, Sweden. The front side features a raven’s head.

Thors Viking hammers are often called Mjollnir or Mjolnir as this is the actual name Thor gave to his Vikings hammer. It is a very powerful Nordic protective amulet. This pendant brings luck and neutralizes bad energy or curses. It gives confidence in your own abilities and gives of the owner a great support in his life.


Celtic, Viking




Bears, Lions, Ravens, Snake, Sturgeon, Wolves



SET — Thor’s Hammer Pendant and Braided leather cord with Wolves / Ravens / Bears / Lions / Snake / Sturgeon heads — on a choice.

Pendant Size: 30х38 mm
Weight Silver Pendant: about 13 grams
Material: Sterling Silver 925 or bronze

Braided leather cord for pendants with Sterling silver heads.
Diameter Ø: 4 mm.
Material: Sterling Silver 925 or bronze, Leather
This necklace without clasp. It is worn over the head.

Production technology – casting. Hand made.
The price for one pendant and one cord.


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