Lions necklace Bronze Braided cord

Custom made

Celtic, Viking



Leather cord

braided cord, smooth cord

Total length

50 sm, 55 sm, 60 sm, 65 sm, 70 sm



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Generally speaking lions represent personal power, strength, and confidence. This is a quiet confidence that you can see just by looking at them, but they won’t throw it over your head unless they are provoked. Or hungry, hungry for a fight in our world. Anger and aggression will also be markers with this animal, and if the lion is your spirit animal, there will be a constant personal struggle to control those feelings. At the same time, their power is impressive, and if the lion means something to you, then you too have an inner personal power that is difficult to match with any of the other spirit animals. Lions also are near the top of the food chain, this makes them dominant forces to contend with. If the King of the Jungle is your animal totem, then you probably are an excellent leader as well, one that rises to the top in most realms of your life.

Diameter Ø: 4 mm.
Material: Bronze, Leather
Production: Hand Made
This necklace without clasp. It is worn over the head.
The price is only for the Leather cord with Lions heads. Pendants sold separately.

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