If Lynx is your Animal Totem

People with the Lynx as a guide will certainly have the traits that are similar to this animal. Not only will the Lynx teach you important lessons, but it will also help you understand your own personality much better.

The this Big Cat is your animal totem then you are a very patient person. You know how to wait for exactly the right moment to pounce. People love to bring you their secrets because they know you  have the ability to keep a secret. Sometimes other people are uncomfortable around you because they know that you see through their little dramas and acts. You have learned to trust your intuition and follow through on your inner guidance. You are playful yet know how to fly under the radar of others. You are passionate about all things that interest you yet rarely show it to others. You value time to yourself.

You should listen carefully to the Lynx animal totem and you will be able to see the truth. The words of your animal totem may bring spiritual healing into your life. You can call upon this totem if you need healing. The Lynx animal totem may be your natural healer that will calm your mind and protect you from the world.


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