Scythian Bronze hair comb

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The ancient Greeks sang and the world-famous golden comb from the mound Solokha – one of the rare neograblennyh Scythian burial. It was a huge mound height of 18 meters, consists of two burial. The central tomb was a rectangular pit with two chambers, dug in its long sides. Found in a mound ridge refers to the line V-IV centuries BC – the heyday of ancient Greek art. The creators of the ridge into account the tastes of the customers, as they were familiar with the culture of the Scythians. The upper part of the ridge is made in the form of a sculptural group depicting the battle between the Scythians. It captured the decisive moment the fight, when the rider and the pedestrian collided with the enemy, just lost his horse. Image details worked out so subtly that see every strand of hair on the head of one of the soldiers, the shell segments rider, plaques sewn on clothes, jewelry, and the wound is leaking out of her blood on his neck fallen horse.

Size: 61 x 83 mm.
Material: bronze
Production technology – casting. Hand made.


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