Skoll pendant. Wolves pendant

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It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and happy life. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. Lunula (Lunitsa) is a female symbol. It symbolizes fertility, happy life and good luck. It connects your female energy with lunar cycle. The cult of the moon was associated with fertility cult. Fertility here refers to a women as Mother earth has always been associated with the woman, and the woman was considered as holy because of giving birth like the earth.

Material: Sterling silver (925); Sterling silver with gold plated; bronze – choice
Stones for pendant: garnet (red), amethyst (purple), carnelian (orange), moonstone, topaz (light blue), green agate (green), peridot (light green) – to choose from.
Production technology – casting. Hand made.

In Norse mythology, Sköll is a wolf that chases the Sun (personified as a goddess, Sól). Hati Hróðvitnisson chases the Moon (personified as Máni). It is possible that Sköll is another name for Fenrir, and, if so, “there could be a nature-mythological interpretation in the case of Sköll and Hati (who pursues the moon).
Skoll and Hati are two wolves that have to do with their pursuing Sol and Mani, the sun and moon, through the sky in hopes of devouring them. At Ragnarok, the downfall of the cosmos, they catch their prey as the sky and earth darken and collapse.


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