Viking Necklace and Thors Hammer Pendant

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Bears, Lions, Ravens, Snake, Sturgeon, Wolves



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“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor” Bredsatra Thors Hammer (reproduction). This pendant made on the basis of a real Thor hammer found at Bredsätra in Öland, Sweden, now kept in the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities. Thors Viking hammers are often called Mjollnir or Mjolnir as this is the actual name Thor gave to his Vikings hammer. It is a very powerful Nordic protective amulet. This pendant brings luck and neutralizes bad energy or curses. It gives confidence in your own abilities and gives of the owner a great support in his life.

SET – Viking Necklace with the Sterling Silver heads of Wolves / Ravens / Bears / Lions / Snake / Sturgeon heads – on a choice.

Pendant Size: 34х46 mm
Pendant Weight: ~30 g.
Hammer: double sided, Solid
Material: sterling silver 925

Necklace thickness is 6 mm wide, weight of about 75-80 grams, length – 65cm.
Material: Sterling silver (925)
This necklace without clasp. It is worn over the head.

Production technology – casting. Hand made.
The price for the pendant and Necklace.


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