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Viking Wild Boar Ring with TYR Rune

Custom made

Gullinbursti (meaning «Gold Mane or Golden Bristles») is a boar in Norse mythology. Gullinbursti is a golden boar made by the dwarfs Brokk and Eitri. Gullinbursti is made from pigskin and thousands of pieces of gold wire. Gullinbursti was given to the god Freyr, the boar is faster than any other horse over water and though air. Gullinbursti has golden rays that shines like the Sun, and made plants grow everywhere. Many warriors wore the image of Freyr’s golden boar Gullinbursti on their helmets and shields as protection and good luck.


Celtic, Others, Slavic, Viking



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Two versions: adjustable size or individual size.
Adjustable size 9.5-13 US — ring with a slit.
Individual size — ring one-piece. Any ring size.
Material: Sterling Silver (925)
Choice of stones for eyes: green, red, blue, black, yellow.

Production time 1-2 weeks.
Production technology – casting. Hand made.


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