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The Old English cognate terms wælcyrge and wælcyrie appear in several Old English manuscripts, and scholars have explored whether the terms appear in Old English by way of Norse influence, or reflect a tradition also native among the Anglo-Saxon pagans. Scholarly theories have been proposed about the relation between the valkyries, the Norns, and the dísir, all of which are supernatural figures associated with fate. Archaeological excavations throughout Scandinavia have uncovered amulets theorized as depicting valkyries. In modern culture, valkyries have been the subject of works of art, musical works, comic books, video games and poetry.

Valkyrie viking hair beads is a unique author’s handmade by Ruyan workshop.
The price is only for one bead. A magical talisman – beads for hair, beard, bracelet or necklace.
Inner diameter – 5 mm. Size: 8х17 mm. Weight about : 4.2 grams
Material: 14K gold
Production technology – casting. Hand made.
Cord and chain not included.

Norse Valkyrie Female Warrior in Norse mythology, any of a group of maidens who served the god Odin and were sent by him to the battlefields to choose the slain who were worthy of a place in Valhalla.  Selecting among half of those who die in battle (the other half go to the goddess Freyja’s afterlife field Fólkvangr), the valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin.
The Powerful Valkyries as Icons of Female Force and Fear, their role was to determine the fate of fallen warriors. In addition, in Valhalle, the Valkyries serve warriors at the table, they bring honey to them.


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